I’m Bridget Depew. I am a wife and mother of two, a writer, and a follower of Jesus.

I am passionate about a few things – my faith, people, and great food. My faith and people tie at #1 with great food coming in at an extremely close second. My passion for my faith and people is exposed in my writing. Though I enjoy face-to-face communication the most, there is something to be said for sitting at my desk in front of a laptop and being able to choose my words carefully and thoughtfully—choosing words that would resonate with others’ feelings and make the most impact. I want to impact this world, starting with you.

We’re all on a journey. The path on our individual journeys takes many twists and turns and is riddled with bumps and divots that can trip up even the most in control and well-intentioned of us. What makes the journey less burdensome is when our paths intersect with someone else’s and we decide to link arms and traverse it together. That’s what I’d like to do with you.

My goal is to share god’s love, encouragement, and hope with you. And in my sharing, I trust and believe our journey together will be extraordinary.


Bridget xo